Live to Rise (Avengers Bruce Banner Fanfiction)

Live to Rise (Avengers Bruce Banner Fanfiction)

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Gabrielle Faith Linn By FaithLinn Updated Nov 07

Arabelle Tarah Marie Xavier, Daughter of Charles Xavier, gets assigned a mission by Nick Fury and nothing in her life will ever be the same again. 
What is her assignment? 

"I need a potentially dangerous agent brought in for a mission." Fury tells me. 

"And you need my ability to control emotions." I state. "Why?"

"Not only that, we will need your shield ability as well. Frankly Miss Xavier we would like you to keep this specific agent in check. And of course you would join the team for this specific mission." Fury tells me. 

Arabelle agrees to join the avengers when she learns of who her target is. Bruce Banner.

I'm imagining her as Mila Kunis (if your gonna shoot me shoot me)
What superpower would you have ? My superpower would be reading people's minds
I want there to be a South African character to be in here (I went there recently and it was the best I recommend Cape Town for those who like the sea and beaches, my favorite was the seals)
I'm bulletproof nothing to lose fire away fire away Ricochet you take your aim fire away fire away
I wonder how the sex went because of his legs (if anyone has the problem I'm sorry
More like shock that the professor (who is like a parent to them) actually did the down and dirty. Nobody needs a mental image of their parent figure....kekeke.