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Maya Carneal By Maya_Carneal Updated Feb 06, 2016

Madeline Cornwall is the daughter of Roger and Emma Cornwall, founders and CEO's of Cornwall international, a successful export company.
She lives the life of a rich-man's daughter... but she's not happy.
Her parents love her, that's not the problem.
The problem is, she's fat.
Fat as a cow.
And as a shifter wolf, it is unseemly.
On top of that, her fur has an unusual colouring and she's introverted.

WARNING: this is not your typical shifter story, granted, there will be mates involved in this story, Alphas, Betas, Gammas, Deltas, Epsilons, Zetas etc.... (LOL like they have all those...) but there won't be any pack-attacks, rogues, enemy packs and so on.
I find them old fashioned.
This is a story about the life of a normal wolf shifter in a modern city setting with modern dilemmas.

ALSO: I got this Idea on a whim, I was reading some comments of people complaining of the 'RARE WHITE WOLF' phenomenon that seems to be going on Wattpad and it sprung into my head.
So to make it absolutely clear, this is NOT one of those stories.
There will be NO rare types of wolves!

Updates might be irregular, for now it's a go-along story.

Also feel free to comment, I appreciate constructive criticism and do point out grammar/spelling/sentence-construction errors. (I'm no native speaker/writer, so I'm happy to learn more...)

I'll be updating my progress on my tumblr page and on twitter at:



Sparksflyatmidnight Sparksflyatmidnight Feb 19, 2016
Sorry but I just wanted to say that it's kinda mean how you called the character fat as a cow and showedd a curvy girl for the cover. I'm curvy, doesn't mean I'm fat!  Skinny people can be curvy too. It's just more common in thicker girls......