Emo Love Stories

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Jessica Marie Sparks By JessicaSparks Updated 4 years ago
This is my Emo Love Stories. Some aren't as great as the others. But don't worry. There are stories for all. From The Jerk, to The Bestfriend. They aren't planned. I write when ever I can. So don't expect anything.. And please check out my other stories. I don't like broadcasting on another story about another story. But if you like to, you can. :)
This is amazing I think u will be a great writer when u grow up
Very little grammar probs and an interesting short fiction. Me likey! :)
i think it is a great start though i love it i cannot wait to read more
really good story.. woah.. you should write a novel  seriously!  
                                    iv written a short story too.. it was my 1st attempt so i really wanna know how it is.. could u please read it and give me feedback? its on the my works column on my profile.. thanx :)