Love Is Built On Pinky Promises (BoyxBoy)

Love Is Built On Pinky Promises (BoyxBoy)

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Seven years ago, Oh Sehun is the victim of a sexual assault, resulting in a pregnancy that the newly-minted twenty-one-year-old is unprepared to handle. Mentally scarred and totally alone, he decides to put the baby up for adoption.

Flash forward and Sehun is living in a tiny, cluttered apartment, afraid of the world and all the dangers that lay in waiting. He hasn't forgotten what happened to him. He doesn't think he ever will. He lives comfortably, but always in fear.

Sehun doesn't think he'll ever be able to function like a normal person again. It scares him sometimes. Other times, he finds solace in the fact that the walls he's put up around himself will shield him from everything around him.

Until one day, a chance encounter at the grocery store leaves him staring wide-eyed at the most handsome man he's ever seen and a little girl who oddly looks like himself...

Oh Sehun - 28 

Reclusive, untrusting, and frightened of the world, until he meets Jongin and Nari.

He lost a part of himself when he was assaulted all those years ago.

They help him become whole again.

Kim Jongin - 34

Chief marketing exectuive of Park and Company.

As busy as he is, he always makes time for his daughter and, of course, Sehun.

He hopes that Sehun will eventually open to up to him, becuase all he wants is to be there for him.

Kim Nari - 7

Daughter of Jongin.

Dresses like a princess, but acts like a tomboy.

Her father is her idol and Sehun is her best friend.

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This is not even a chapter but I'm already wrecked emotionally inside
                              This isn't even the first chapter but I'm already crying wtf
Never trust somebody wen they say "it will be fun don't worry "
cjungda cjungda Jul 21, 2016
I got tears in my eyes because of this part of the book poor sehun
OhMyRuinedMind OhMyRuinedMind Nov 13, 2016
Nah mate only the first chapter and I'm already emotionally ruined
SehunnieXLuhannie SehunnieXLuhannie Jun 13, 2016
Is Eric Nam a women in this story!?!?!?!?!?!? Or is it his mother...