I Texted The Wrong Person(BWWM)

I Texted The Wrong Person(BWWM)

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Bunniey19 By Bunniey19 Updated Jan 11

*Trina* "What the fuck?! Why is yo ass still texting me? Fuck off!!"

#YoDaddy$: " Aww baby don't be like that. You know you like it when I text you and besides, your the one who texted me FIRST. So now that we got that covered, how about you send me a pic of that pussy of yours? ;)

*Trina*: " Hell Nah!! Leave me the fuck alone. Yeah, I might have texted yo ass  by accident but I left you alone. YOU on the other hand, decided to text me every fucking hour and every fucking day! Lose my Damn number, you prick!"

Trina James is 20 yrs old. She has great news about her new job and wants to share it with her best friend... over text but sent it to someone else instead.

Uh oh!

😆 😂 y'all ain't going to do 💩 to that wattpad fuckboy 😂.
cecebarrett cecebarrett Mar 11
Over here thinking it was like some top notch job, but Sea World! Really!
ladiflower ladiflower Apr 04
Pause I like this book but I kinda dislike that he white and saying Nigga 🙄🤔😐
Chip and dale reporting live 
                              D- who is this person? 
                              C- you would like a fûck nigga 😂
-blackroses -blackroses Jul 15, 2016
NIGGA? I know some Lil white boy ain't just try to say nigga and act like he one. Tf?
MaddieCakesx3 MaddieCakesx3 Jul 15, 2016
He cute and all but he needs to come correct lol never bring up sex that quick