The Other Side {NaLu}

The Other Side {NaLu}

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Shizu - Chan By lady_lxcy_heartfilia Updated Jul 15, 2017

Countless wars...

Two kingdoms...

One bridge...

And a forbidden love~

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yinEwamoto5019 yinEwamoto5019 Apr 19, 2017
Ginger. I just imagined the gingerbread man as a butler with Loki's head. Oh gawd. 😂 😭 😂
nalunalu23 nalunalu23 Apr 27, 2017
AYO LADIE AND GENTLEMEN! OOOO!! 😂😂😂 sorry just another potato who is fangirling bout' BTS
RoyalTKingdom223 RoyalTKingdom223 Oct 09, 2016
Why did he precisely think about 7:00 am to kill someone like no not 6 that's to early 8 just wouldn't be early enough Naaah how about 7 THEN I can make it home in time for breakfast
RoyalTKingdom223 RoyalTKingdom223 Oct 09, 2016
Excuse you I prefer to be associated with a person of Lower Standard. Peasant is just my Title
theStoryfangirl theStoryfangirl Nov 21, 2016
But....but..I have hazel eyes, a mixture of brown, green, and yellow...where would I be? 😞
LunaNight33 LunaNight33 Oct 28, 2016
I'm from the North and I have brown eyes .....I guess it makes sense ?
                              ( it doesn't make sense )