The Other Side {NaLu}

The Other Side {NaLu}

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Lady Lucy Heartfilia By lady_lxcy_heartfilia Updated Sep 30

Countless wars...

Two kingdoms...

One bridge...

And a forbidden love~

Why did he precisely think about 7:00 am to kill someone like no not 6 that's to early 8 just wouldn't be early enough Naaah how about 7 THEN I can make it home in time for breakfast
*whacks igneel and Jude* shut up both of you its getting good *watches the scene the down*
                              THE OTHER SIDE 
                              THE OTHER SIDE OF ME
                              THE OTHER SIDE 
                              THE OTHER SIDE
                              THAT I WANT YOU TO SEE
                              Did anyone else think of Hannah Montana or was it just me heheh
we didnt even get 2 chapters in and im crying WAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH
Mika_Sasuki Mika_Sasuki Aug 30
Put...Snook hehehe... XD sorry that got me *ehem* what a tragedy
WHAT THE- okay I'm just gonna die today but I'm not judging cause that was me during testing