Material Girl 3 (Getting Deleted)

Material Girl 3 (Getting Deleted)

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Nicole Jennings,

"Keenon. Stay with me." I cried as I sat cradling his head in my arms. 

I was covered in blood by now and Keenon was not responding. 

"CALL AN AMBULANCE." I yelled at the people that stood around looking dumbfounded. 

Not realizing that the paramedics were already there. The police officers were trying to get me away from Keenon but I refused. Keenon couldn't die. Not now. Not ever. I needed him. We needed him. We haven't even talked about baby names yet. 

"Ma'am, we have to get him to the hospital." The officer said finally getting me away from Keenon. 

The officer questioned me about what happened but I wouldn't say anything. I just wanted Keenon back.  

On my way to the hospital, I called Keenons mother who was already on her way there. I floored it the whole way to the hospital. I knew that it was a ticket waiting to happen but I didn't care about all of that right now. 

When, I got there Keenons mother sat in the waiting room with a few other family member...

That's my best friend y'all need to get like her *ratchet girl singing voice*
My best friend finna she finna kick them bitches ass go best friend that's my best friend yass
Pleaseee she's 5 months I don't like doing all this math 😫😩😭😭😭
shegamedup shegamedup Jun 04
What do locking the doors do when they still gone bust in your sh*t you fool gazy right now
Y'all f-cked with the right bitch 😂 Keenon might be crazy. But Nicole. CRAZY
NeeNee_22 NeeNee_22 Jul 20
How tf i miss a whole book and i wasnt confused 😤😭😭😭