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Kissing Booth (GirlxGirl, Lesbian)

Kissing Booth (GirlxGirl, Lesbian)

78.4K Reads 3K Votes 19 Part Story
Troplet By Troplet Updated Feb 10

Follow Quinn Hart and her classmates as they finally make it to the year they had been dreaming of; Transition Year. The intention of this year is for self-discovery and that's exactly what happens in ways that Quinn did not expect, but appreciated all the same. Some secrets are let out, friendships are formed, friendships are broken and romance blossoms.

For Quinn, it began with a kiss.

It was just a kiss on the lips to raise money for the Transition Year funds, right? There was no way that Violet Valentine had any other reasons to engage in behaviour such as that, right?

Highest ranking: #129 Teen Fiction

(GirlxGirl) (On-going) (54k words so far) (Saturdays)

how ironic, there's a boyxboy story with the same title.hmm coincidence :)
Macactos Macactos Jul 02, 2016
Dying slowly while waiting for some Quinn and Violet alone time...
SaltyPepper17 SaltyPepper17 Sep 20, 2016
You can't just make me want to jump off a cliff and them not update. I'm out of nails to bite. Help meee
Paulasdcc Paulasdcc May 21, 2016
I'm confused, I don't even quite understand the American education system
iliketoreadandsoon iliketoreadandsoon Jul 03, 2016
I absolutely love this book though, can't wait until the next chapter ☺️
bleedingtears_33 bleedingtears_33 Jul 02, 2016
My god! Dear author your driving me insane! Can't wait to the next chap!