Glitz Gurlz on Deck

Glitz Gurlz on Deck

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Ever wondered how many sacrifices a cheerleader must make to stay beautiful and popular? You have no idea!!  This story highlights the blood, sweat, and tears of just a single week in this barbie world. Especially blood. Lots and lots of blood. 

This is Scary Movie meets London Tipton meets Barbie   

take note : plot holes and blonde moments will occur!!

Book_Sins Book_Sins Jan 03
I've just realized this may be a Suite Life On Deck alternate universe type story. Shame on you book for now warning me. *DING*
                              Sin Count: 3
😱😱😱😱 all will be revealed in the next episode- I mean chapter of Glitz Gurlz on Deck
Book_Sins Book_Sins Jan 03
Obviously Tonya couldn't have been THAT heavy since she made it on to the team. I don't think the coach would have been stupid enough to let a girl with extra weight on the team, especially at the top of a pyramid. *DING*
                              Sin Count: 2
Book_Sins Book_Sins Jan 03
                              Sin Count: 10
Book_Sins Book_Sins Jan 03
I'm adding ten sins for the continued use of slang outside of dialogue. Such lazy writing. *Dingadingadingadin*
                              Sin Count: 20
Because there is literally no ship that you can compare this cruise to that did not sink and kill loads of people.