It's just a normal life (Joe Sugg)

It's just a normal life (Joe Sugg)

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YouTube is my life By mintersugg Updated Aug 10, 2017

You've seen them fucked up celebrity's, the ones who were exposed to fame at too young of an age. 

Miley cirus.

Lindsey Lohan.

Even Justin Bieber.

So my parents tried they're hardest to stop the fame from getting to me. But no matter how hard they tried it still crept up on me.

The more you try to push away the celebrity life, the more it fucks you up.

When I tell people what I want in life they look at me like I'm mad. I don't care, it makes sense in my head.

I want a normal life.

I want to get an education, work towards a job, meet a boy who knew nothing about me and fall in love.

But that's hard to do when you're famous. I'm never going to get that in my life but it's what I crave the most. 

I have to live with everything being handed to me with everyone climbing up my ass so they don't upset me.

This may seem like a perfect life but it's not, it's not normal, it's not perfect. Perfect isn't normal. 

There is no such thing as perfect. There is such a thing as normal. But I was too oblivious to the fact that everything is classed as normal for someone, just because something isn't normal for you, doesn't mean it isn't normal for someone else. Perfect is the only thing that can be classed as not normal.

I needed someone to tell me this, I needed someone to show me that it's just a normal life.

And that's exactly what Joe Sugg did. 

My name is Alice Melanie Chambers. I'm a world famous actress. The fame nearly got to me, I nearly let it break me, but I was lucky enough to find Joe, he puts up with my drama, he gives me a normal life. And that's all I could ever ask for.

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jonestly jonestly Jul 04, 2017
ok omg I think you're my twin lmao I legit have one too.
                              one of my books have my own original character that lives in my head 😂