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His Mistress' Baby

His Mistress' Baby

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ProlifickInstinct By ProlifickInstinct Completed

               I'm sorry I messed things up with us- for you. Maybe I'm solely to blame and I've accepted that but you should know, as I've had time to think about it, I'm not sorry any of it happened.
      You're free, Alex.
      Like you were obviously leaving the choice to me and in your every action, you made it clear what you wanted, I made it. I'm having an abortion.
      Two months. Alicia 'Ally' Storm realised in that short amount of time, she was starting to get addicted to something she should have stayed away from. Despite the fact that her world was far opposite from his and she had been warned against diving into a relationship with him, she could not control what her heart and body wanted. And it wanted what she knew he might never be able to give. 
      Alexander 'Xander'  Cross was a man who learned from an early age not trust the female specie. His mother, grandmother and the woman he fell in love with were evidence of that. So he took women the only way he knew how- mistresses without attachment. She was supposed to be a woman he had been attracted to and went after- a chapter started and ended- but somehow, she was starting to become a really long chapter.
    Ally did not think it would be that horrible to be 'the one' for Xander- if that were possible. The idea was starting to grow on her but when reality popped for a visit, she began to realise who Xander was behind the sexy, passionate businessman. It took another soul in the picture to realise she was not the one after all....
    Cover by @Sweetblast
    © COPYRIGHT 2015. 
    All rights reserved.

AStoryWorthTelling AStoryWorthTelling Jul 13, 2016
Who the fvck is "A"?!  Now it's Pretty Little Liars all over again.
TheFuckery TheFuckery Aug 01, 2016
Got a secret 
                              Can you keep it
                              Swear this one you'll save
                              Better lock it in your pocket
                              Taking this one to the grave...
Tise24 Tise24 Aug 14, 2016
I'm pro choice. It's her body and she shouldn't be forced to bring the baby into the world if she doesn't want to or want to care for it either.
avidreader232 avidreader232 Jul 02, 2016
Something like this happened to me once where I lost nearly a whole novel I'd written because I didn't save the drafts :(
raniaTemzi raniaTemzi Aug 04, 2016
I don't have any problem with you nor your story. in fact I think I already getting addicted to it
darkeyes11 darkeyes11 Jul 24, 2016
Thanks to this note.. I am going to save my stories too in my laptop.. In case any jealous person did that to me. Though I doubt my stories are that good.