Luggage Swap {Mpreg} (Zarry)

Luggage Swap {Mpreg} (Zarry)

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a. By lilacthorns Updated Nov 23

In which famous singer Harry Styles and entrepeneur Zayn Malik's love story begins in an airport. 

Or where they accidentally take each other's luggage at baggage claim and when they meet up again to swap luggages, hot and steamy airport sex takes place instead.

lilacthorns™ · Annia

Cover: @guardianzayngels

OH! Its Harry Talking !
                              I got hella confused , had to read it like 12 times
Like that interview
                               "are you a hologram rn?!" 
                              "I know I'm not real"
                               *flicks away strand of hair*
Yaoi_ing Yaoi_ing May 30
I don't really care about famous people but if I saw him kissing Zayn Malik thats a total different story
Bless his jeans
                              And his genes
                              And for whoever gets to wake up to this beautiful face
"Famous singer Harry Styles" those words might become the truth this year..key word 'might' for those who wanna hate
*“and shifted to doing him in the terminal just for the hell of it.....” she continues*