Melanin Club

Melanin Club

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Cece V. By CeceVTheWriter Updated Aug 29

hair that defies gravity,
skin that absorbs sunlight.
tell me you're not magical? 
get ready to be transcended into a world full of melanin magic 
• read on to join the melanin club •


cover: made by me
model: justine skye

LycaaMobile LycaaMobile Jun 19
word! i always felt insecure for having NATURALLY full lips & cussed about it... today, these same ppl are tryna seek me 'advice' on how to get full lips... niga puh leasr
anon-tea anon-tea Jun 20
Shoot I look like a damn stick #I.B.T.C( ittty bitty tittie committed) and flat ass class😭😂
LycaaMobile LycaaMobile Jun 19
fr! when black girls were shaped wiv nice bodies & full of nothing buh thickness, they tried bring them down. they try say that you wasn't 'beautiful' enough or ur just plainly 'fat'. aren't these same ppl now tryna get injections? pleaaassseee
Girl you guys are beautiful(I'm Latina and I support every other race especially (POC)
Lol I have blonde hair blue eyes and am supposedly skinny but no one likes me
"Call me what you want but you can't call me broke , money." 🎶♩🎵