For the Love of Peters!

For the Love of Peters!

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***Cole Peters' story! 

if you have not read Curse of the Peters Brothers, this is part of the series. You do not need to read them in order but it could spoil Curse of the Peters Brothers for you if you plan to read it.***

Recently injured in an Ambush in Afghanistan, Cole Peters returns home to the states beside the man who saved his life. As a favor to this man,Wyatt, Cole decides to care for Wyatt's fiance.
When Lucy Shoemaker got word that her fiance was injured she rushed off to greet him when he returned to the states. Not sure of what condition she would find Wyatt, she instead found more fuel to throw onto her stress-fire. Cole Peters was in the bed that belonged to her fiancé's comrade. The one man that, no matter how hard she tried, she could never forget.

lala1333 lala1333 May 05, 2016
Maybe I missed it I don't know, but why does he have this as his nickname
justbrowsing justbrowsing May 16, 2015
I'm so happy I found this! I read the first book and loved it! :)
XxFlyingAcexX XxFlyingAcexX Jul 04, 2013
@LeliiyPrecilia I am going to update this one in about a week or so. I wanted to finish up Firecracker, my little bonus for you guys, first.
LeliiyPrecilia LeliiyPrecilia Jul 04, 2013
Are you going to finish it now that Snow angel is complete??
AilynGodina AilynGodina Jun 12, 2013
Ahhhh so excited and cant wait for you to start writing this story can already tell its going to be great :)
XxFlyingAcexX XxFlyingAcexX May 15, 2013
@elegantdancer I will definitely finish Snow Angel. We're getting to the climax, but this will probably have to wait until the end of July or beginning of August since I'm taking summer classes and vacationing this summer. I will write when I can though :)