Yui's Little Sister || Diabolik Lovers // #Wattys2016

Yui's Little Sister || Diabolik Lovers // #Wattys2016

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🌸 By marinosuke Updated Nov 29, 2016

Yukina Komori. A girl who is strong, tough, reckless, smart, brave and powerful. As in, a complete opposite of Yui.

Though she might be all that, she is actually caring, loving, nice, sweet and she would rather have herself hurt than the others.She also really loves Yui and would break anyone's bones if they dare to touch Yui.

Yukina was left all alone ever since she was born. She was abandoned by her parents for some unknown reason. Soon she was adopted and started living at the church. She was loved and adored.
One day, she and Yui had to go to live in the Sakamaki Mansion.

What will happen?

Especially since Yukina isn't really human...


I know that there are other fanfictions that are similar to this but I'll TRY to make it even a little bit different.


Hope you read this! 

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alone-in-my-thoughts alone-in-my-thoughts Feb 21, 2016
I have a sibling and our therapist said the reason we don't get along is because we both have dominant personalities. I think it's because he's a crazy lunatic who's jealous of me. He admitted once too
- - Jun 16, 2016
I smashed this girls face in the wall for hitting my seven year old sister
Number-13 Number-13 Feb 21, 2016
I mean judo boxing and karate i know and wrestling is just throwing ppl and beating them to a pulp for ones enjoyment so yeah preety similar
superstarr24 superstarr24 Jul 31, 2016
I have found my twin I love black and white and hate pink too
- - Jun 16, 2016
Me when I fall asleep in math class and the teacher calls on me
LeaTomlinson_12 LeaTomlinson_12 Feb 08, 2016
Staph with the 'ore-SAMA' thing u remind me too much of a certain someone .-.