Killua x Reader Oneshots

Killua x Reader Oneshots

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Haruka_Zoldyck By Hardgore_Alice997 Updated Jul 16

"Every Girl Has Her Best friend,Boyfriend And True Love. But,You're Really Lucky If They're All The Same Person."

This book contains the love shots of Killua and Y/N. 

I hope you enjoy it minna-sama! ∩__∩

Book Cover By: @airi_licious

Gon is Green
                              Killua is Blue
                              Ship them together 
                              THAT ESCALATED QUICKLY
NaoXinq NaoXinq Apr 25
Ugh yandere when did u get here. I'm not going to die without a fight
No bish this a is sexual harassment call the cops (😂 I'm sorry I need to be stopped 😂)
xPsychoticBxtchx xPsychoticBxtchx Oct 24, 2016
Nah that was nice sweet and short like being a hero for fun 😸
KilluaZoldyckXD360 KilluaZoldyckXD360 Dec 21, 2016
Killua is mine, if you lay a hand on him you're gonna pay with your life
AnimeGirl7777777 AnimeGirl7777777 Jul 24, 2016
I have a request. The reader is in a wheelchair since she was 3 due to a condition. She can move her legs but not stretch them. Does this make any sense?