Seduced by Danger

Seduced by Danger

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Lexx Golden By Thedarkroseofwriting Completed


🔫Book 1 of Dangerous Desires series 🔫

Detective Dominic Moser is an undercover detective that lives his life normally, well as normal as a busy detective can get it. He spends his days and nights chasing murderers, rapists, and the occasional drunkard or panty thief instead of hitting up bars or clubs and looking for a decent hook up like any other twenty five year old. But little does he know that his life is about to become even more complex after the usual day on the job. Add Adrian Van Benschoten to the mix. He's Detroit's most feared Italian "Mafia" Boss, also know as "Don". Adrian takes a sudden liking to Dominic's boldness and loves that he is seemingly unaffected by his position. 
This story will tell the tale of how things pan out between the workaholic,foul-mouthed detective and the ever so stubborn, short tempered (and sometimes stupid) Don. 

Will the two actually learn to get past their differences and become an odd couple, or will they just constantly be in a game of cat and mouse?

If you weren't genius enough to figure it out, this is a story about male x male romance. Either get with the program or leave, Einstein.

Timeline of work: 
12/08/2015 - 10/02/2016

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AddictedToSmut AddictedToSmut Sep 22, 2017
I've read it as fisting, OMG I have such a dirty mind 🙈😂
A91011 A91011 Jul 19, 2017
I love mike already he makes threats and wants food, he's got his priorities in check
Haru_767 Haru_767 Apr 07, 2017
Damn I love this guy 😂 I like this kind of character so much. Wanna see more development
Mehak_9 Mehak_9 Oct 19, 2017
Who is dominic and who is adrian......whats the cast is one of them a girl???sorry i m confused😅😅
derickamishae derickamishae Oct 17, 2017
Not supposed to tell people you're undercover either but okay.😂😂😂
Thedarkroseofwriting Thedarkroseofwriting Oct 23, 2016
@YaoiNinja007  Never the less I do appreciate the comment though! I hope you enjoy the book