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yandere Female creepy pasta x male reader

yandere Female creepy pasta x male reader

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wizard with glasses By IWantYandereGf Completed

-this is my first story, yay!! Hope u like!!-
You felt like you were always being watched, you thought you always heard footsteps behind you as you walk home from school ((this is actually easy)) one day you were layin down about to go to sleep and you heard a loud noise from downstairs hello?? You opened the door and began to walk down stairs and you were tackled and your head was slammed against the stairs, blurring your vision and u saw a pale white female figure wearing a hoodie loom over you im so sorry (y/n)!!! You stared at her.  Who are you and how do you know my name!!! The female figure smiled and she said oh, (y/n)-- you should be more polite to your girlfriend, she took out a kitchen knife my name is Jane the Killer~!! She used the handle to knock you un-conscious

((The next installment will be cumming soon, it may or may not be a lemon!! Hope u enjoy this one!!))

wait...what gf?
                              is this one of those prank shows again?
oh no.....
                              im so scaaarrreeeed....
                              uwaahhhhhhhh (sarcasm was present here)