The bad boy & the church girl. (EDITING)

The bad boy & the church girl. (EDITING)

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Camille smith is your average church girl. She doesnt do anything bad. The worse things she's EVER done is curse. She hides her inner and outer beauty from everyone. What caused her to be this way? Will she change for the better or get worse?

Zane rode is your typical bad boy. He's sexy & secretly really smart. He has tattoos, piercings, an attitude, great hair& a perfect body. He is every good girls worst nightmare. What happends when Zane falls hopelessly fast for Camille before she's ready? 

So what happends when these two polar opposites are sat together in there history class? Will there history arise? What about hidden secrets? 

Read for tragic love story, with some explicit scenes! 


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_Better_ThanWords_ _Better_ThanWords_ Jun 12, 2017
I once expressed myself on this subject on twitter and received a lot of hate from other Christians. They said that I am a false Christian and that I hadn't understood the religion..
ebenzmoni ebenzmoni Nov 13, 2017
I really don't want to be a buzz kill but if you really want to write about a church girl do it right
ebenzmoni ebenzmoni Nov 14, 2017
Why do whites think love is sex.  Sorry but I think I now realize why your marriages don't last, please next time don't write a story that kills people faith it's annoying
megan2023 megan2023 Mar 09
This is  exactly what I think everyone should be able to believe in what they want and not judge other people beliefs I'm Christan but most of my friends aren't still my friends
DOfreak DOfreak Jan 29, 2017
How is she Camille in virgin lessons they are complete opposite I read this book before virgin lessons. They. are. complete. opposite