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Walk in the Shadows

Walk in the Shadows

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Wolfie By TheLoneWolfGirl Completed

Femke, a Nordic-Bosmeri woman, has come to Riften to start over. She thought she was ready for adventuring in the big, wide world outside of her meager home in the mining colony of Dawnstar. She couldn't have been more wrong. After several mishaps and roadblocks, she stumbles to Riften, footsore, hungry, and with no money to her name, in hopes of finding some good, honest work. But no one seems to trust her because she has elven blood. Turned away and alone, she is found by two members of a mysterious organization operating within Riften. One, a Nordic man called Brynjolf, takes pity on the poor human-elf and offers her a job, and if she does well, a spot within the "Guild," as he puts it.

NOTE: If I owned Skyrim, I would have no need for writing fanfictions just for the heck of it. I only own Femke and my original dialogue. Everything else is credited to Bethesda Game Studios.

Everytime you're asking "Why?" Bryn will just cut you off (even if he isn't there, he'll come out of nowhere) and say "Personal benefit."
fuckinpasta fuckinpasta Jul 06
I swear, I'll be calling every female "lass" after this book.
I just wanted to say that if someone's a mix between man and mer, they're Bretons.
                              So femke is technically a Breton, not 'Nordic-bosmeri'
This book is amazing so far. You gave me inspiration to create my own skyrim fanfic. I have the perfect idea. Would you mind if i ask some questions if i get stuck
ErikTeller3 ErikTeller3 3 days ago
I have only reached the middle of chapter two, and I must say... For a fan fiction this is a nice piece of work.
I really love your portrayal of Vex. She seems like she does when you first meet her in-game and I can't wait to see if she'll warm up to this new protagonist or stay distant and rather vengeful.