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Rick Sanchez x reader Piano lessons

Rick Sanchez x reader Piano lessons

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BleakCanvas By BleakCanvas Updated Oct 30, 2015

"Good job Morty! You're really starting to get the hang of it!" You say as Morty finishes his piece. "Th-thanks!" He says with a smile on his face. Rick walks in and see's both of you sitting at the piano. "Hey Morty you wanna go on an ad-urrup- adventure or something?" He asked nonchalantly. Morty looked back at rick. "Rick I already told y-you i-i'm doing my p-piano lesson." He said a bit aggressively. You spoke up. "You can listen if you'd like." You said smiling at Rick. Rick stared at you, a pink color dusting on his face. "Whatever." He said and laid himself on the couch waiting for a song to be played. "Ok Morty you wanna play a song for your old man?" You asked Morty. He shook his head. "N-nah I'm ok. W-why don't you p-play something?" He said smiling. You thought about it, then thought what the hell. "Alright. But next time you should show your old man how well you play. Ok?" You said in a sweet voice. Rick and Morty both blushed a shade of pink. You ruffle Morty's hair and re...

Its kinda hard to imagine Rick acting so innocent since he' such an @$$hole
yukkiysa yukkiysa Aug 28, 2016
This is exactly  how i get crushes XD
                              Say a funny joke/make contact with me
                              And your attractive then
                              You got a stalker
that_potato_gurl77 that_potato_gurl77 Sep 05, 2016
THE FRIDGE THE FRIDGE OLD MAN *talks like a black woman* MAN that OLD man mhmmm *walks over and closes it but its opening* God ,*brakes it and trows it out the window* there *person yells* DOORS STILL OPE-*shoots him* not today bi-ch
PopRockPony PopRockPony Apr 06, 2016
Is is awesome! I'm working on a Rick x Reader to! I already have 3 chapters!
Kawaiifluffsenpai Kawaiifluffsenpai Aug 04, 2016
Me : .\\\\\\. Shoot I feel sick cause I read this stuff too much p.s. love ur story ❤😄
Haleyboplucy Haleyboplucy Dec 22, 2015
when i saw the word hologram I was yelling out, "He's pulling a Morty!"