Theo (Boyxboy)(Trans)

Theo (Boyxboy)(Trans)

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Shayna By Llamas-and-whiskers Updated Nov 15

A story that follows the journey of young Theo, a transgender boy faced with the harsh reality that being his true self could possibly be the most difficult thing he'll ever have to do. Learning all too soon that love and trust can be such fickle things.

Warning: Possible dark themes, transphobic/homophobic comments, depressive thinking and subsequent actions.

If you have a problem with transgender and genderqueer alike, feel free to leave.
If you have a problem with homosexuality or any sexuality apart from hetero, feel free to leave.
If you are here only to spam and leave crude, offensive comments, feel free to leave.

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feraltomcat feraltomcat Oct 10
god, im happy my mom just doesnt want to see my ass or over half my stomach while going to school
xX102Xx xX102Xx Aug 05
I LOVE HIS AUNT ALREADY. Honestly everyone needs a family member like her, whether their trans/gay/bi/cis or not.
magsthenerd magsthenerd Jun 10
I'm rereading this after not being on wattpad in forever I feel b l e s S e d
- - Jun 13
My older sisters pregnant and says that she doesn't want to dress her child androgenously. They are either going to be feminine or masculine based on their sex. I've been out for years as a trans guy. She says she accepts me. She questions why we have a bad relationship. Gee, I wonder why.
feraltomcat feraltomcat Oct 10
i got huge tits before 6th grade and have hated them since cause theyre always sore and i dont even know how it is to bind (but i will in december) but i bet its gonna be hell
I wish I had that option. I didn't get to pick my own clothes until I was 14 and by then I was so trained in wearing girly things that I kept wearing them even though I wished I could dress like a guy, but I just thought I didn't have any other options so I wore the girly clothes my mum liked