Blame the Devil

Blame the Devil

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Lara Blunte By LaraBlunte Completed

Expect the unexpected...

Girls are being murdered in London, their bodies drained of blood.

DI Julian Fleetwood of Scotland Yard leads the investigation, but he has a mystery in his past which might just be connected to the case.

Varya Dean, a friend to one of the victims, is the brilliant daughter of a deceased detective, and she knows how to put the pieces of a puzzle together. She also wants justice for the dead girls.

The unlikely partnership between Fleet and Varya solidifies as they try to understand why the clues point to a cult around the devil.

And then, things that are simply too strange to be natural begin to happen.

Kikiwuss Kikiwuss Nov 30
I never close the curtains at night because I want to see the moon and it is so big the moon faces my house and I say I see it to go to sleep I am a idiot I CLOSE MY DAMN EYES HOW CAN I SEE IT XDD
Mo_Haney99 Mo_Haney99 Oct 18
I like this book so far. Keep making more book pleases and thank you. This is Morgan Haney too
nassy245890 nassy245890 Oct 27
Where was the girl when she got kidnapped?  Why did the killer pick her?
Mo_Haney99 Mo_Haney99 Oct 26
Hey I was just wondering if you are going to make another book like this one that you made for people to read
Usually agents can find out if they've been raped when the body comes back from the labs...
atindi atindi Oct 20
Me: *Reads first set of description*
                              Also me: When period starts...