Agent 1 (Book 3)

Agent 1 (Book 3)

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"What makes you think we can trust this Agent 1 guy?"

"I-uh, I knew him before he was an agent...he's an extent."

"And I already told you I corrupted him. It's all good."

"We're all going to die."


Devin's hurt.

Jason's missing.

Lily's alive.

The team finally has what they need to take down Garrett...but now they're short one agent. Lily can fill in for Jason but they still can't count on Devin till he's completely healed.

So they decide to rely on a new ally...or maybe just an old enemy.

When they need help who better to turn to than a new agent? As Lily's pointed out before, new agents are always easy to corrupt...

But Agent 1 never really needed to be corrupted to begin with...this isn't going to end well.

***Book 3***

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Nah it's not !! Your books are honestly amazing and it's an absolute shame that almost 90# Wattpad only reads romance and teen fiction cause believe me if they all actually read action too then your book would have gotten them 62828822672 million views it deserves !
Your not completely healed either !!! And *celebrates*lily is joining the team
You sound like your too lazy to repeat the same stuff at the begining of each book😂😂😂😂
TheCheyenne TheCheyenne Mar 28
How can you get so many reads with out advertising?😂 Teach me your ways
Wait wait wait! What if this dude, Agent 1 is Zack? Is it? Who is it?
Kstag13 Kstag13 Mar 08
Great, I like it thanks for being honest there at the end, I really respect that, I really do, mind if I follow you?