Reina   •h.s.•

Reina •h.s.•

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North By confidentialstyles Updated Oct 18


In which a girl falls in love with her step brothers best friend.

mature content

I like Nora already ^.^ I wonder if she knows that she raised a huge douchbag ¿
Retina should tell her what's up so that it doesn't have to come to the guillotines
acrophxbia acrophxbia Jun 18
I'm so confused. Nora is Louis' mother, and in the first chapter it said Louis and his mum have the same eye color.... And the last names keep confusing me.
claudiaPB1 claudiaPB1 Sep 02
Ok I'm larry asf but seriously why is everyone commenting 'Larry is real' we get it. Like this is a good book don't ruin it
Shüt up Lou you're such a hypocrite with your polo readings cool af
ok her outfit choice is nothing id ever wear but thats rude harold