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Gaara love story (short story) Completed

Gaara love story (short story) Completed

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Just a girl. By Just_A_Girl_1996 Completed

. I looked down and saw Gaara’s sand travel up my legs.
I blushed looking around, "Gaara where are you?" I asked keeping my voice strong.
He jumped onto the branch I was sitting on and I saw his lips were more in a smile than usual. Did he like pinning me down with his sand?
I gasped when my hands were taken from me making me lie back and my hands were pinned to the tree. My cheeks blushed more, "Gaara?" I whispered softly looking up at him.
I watched wide eyed as his sand slid from his face and hands. He looked exactly the same but now it was his real skin.
I was shocked when he bent down getting on all four over me and his lips stretched, "no interruptions this time." he said and I hear it wasn’t his normal mono tone voice.
He leaned down cupping my right cheek and his thumb ran over my lips, "I have waited a while." he muttered in a much softer tone he ever used before.
He bent down and brushed his lips against mine. I felt weird tingles travel down my spine and stir in my gut. My eyes slid shut and he pressed his lips against mine completely.
I was surprised how soft and tenderly he was kissing me but it felt so good... I kissed him back and felt his sand tighten and loosen on my boobs.
My insides clenched and I moaned softly. He kissed down my neck making me turn so he had more room. I felt his sand slid off my body and wrapped around us. I didn't think about it as I slid my legs around his waist and my arms around his neck.
I grabbed his hair pulling him closer and felt him growl softly against my neck. I whimpered when he started nibbling on my neck. I have never felt this way but it felt good.

ElinorSinclair ElinorSinclair 3 days ago
Is he actually feeling something? He has his armor after all
I'm re-reading this and after a year I now understand almost ever dirty comment or innuendo some of you guys made. May I just say...
                              You nasty
Cupcake_Queen_ Cupcake_Queen_ Dec 30, 2016
I don't even sleep on my pillow unless I really need it cause its not fluffy anymore
I'd definitely be the one to do this and get hit afterward.  XD
FrizzleLamb FrizzleLamb Feb 05
I won't open that I mean just imagine the amount of sweat collected in your "valley"
Uh the booby pocket where you can stash cash,keys and phones XD works every time.