Disturbed Avalanche (ON HOLD)

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Tee By Oreoz54 Updated 3 years ago
“About thirty years ago at the same resort we’re going at, something terrible happened. The old owner’s son and his fiancée were staying there and that night they were fooling around on the roof of the cabin hotel. Then suddenly an avalanche occurred. It took the girl’s life instantly and as for the boy… well, no one knows what happened to him. Rumors say if an avalanche hits the ski resort again, the two will be disturbed and the Maria Downer’s spirit will roam the cabins and the boy will come kill the people trapped inside. Derek Downer will come get you.”
    A couple of high school seniors are on a school trip to Stowe Mountain Ski Resort. Suddenly, they get trapped in their cabin hotel by a massive avalanche. Adam Slade and Holly Rivers are two people that dislike each other dearly. They don't seem to notice that their classmates are getting killed one by one until they are the only two left. Confined in this situation, Adam and Holly must work together to get out alive. As they do that, will a friendship or even more spark between them?
    Watch out! Downer is coming for you...
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