Kamisama Kiss [ Tomoe X Reader ]

Kamisama Kiss [ Tomoe X Reader ]

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|discontinued ; unedited|

You are a wolf yokai who lives in the forest's of Japan. You settled yourself in the beautiful town where the Landgod has his shrine. One day, you finally meet the white-haired fox yokai again with who you had fallen in love in the past..

How will yours and his fate turn out?

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ohayo_myasu ohayo_myasu Apr 07, 2017
                              OH WAIT. HE LOOKS JUST LIKE MY Y/N CHAN. SILVER LONG HAIR.
sugoi-chan101 sugoi-chan101 Oct 29, 2017
OH SO MY "DAD" ONLY CARES WHEN IM DEAD?! WHY DIDN'T YOU CARE EARLYER?! ( sorry im just ranting about it Now. ._.)
MangleFox771 MangleFox771 Aug 03, 2017
I looked up the name wolf yoki and it saidnit was called okuri so that's been my name ever since but now i t goes with the story
II-bcbygirl-II II-bcbygirl-II May 09, 2017
                              I might be old but I still look like I'm 17 and sexy *flips hair* -3-
NuggetAkii NuggetAkii Aug 18, 2017
(Lol I might just keep on doing that face for the whole story...)
SomeKindOfPotato SomeKindOfPotato Dec 10, 2017
Everyone's commenting about "dad" and I'm just here like "wow... My mom's scream is really hurting my ears Plz stop before I go deaf"