A Sense of Hope

A Sense of Hope

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Evangeline Heart is a twenty year old homeless girl who was been forced out of her orphanage at the age of sixteen.  She is a sweet, caring, innocent, and broken girl. She lives in allies and barely makes it through alive. She has been alone and scared for all she could remember. All she craves is for someone to love and protect her. But will she get her knight in shining armor?

David De Luca is a twenty five year old multi-millionaire. He was given the CEO title to Luca Industries from his father. David is a player and a very busy man. He is cold, impatient, mean, and possessive over the things he want. Whatever he wants, he will always find a way to get it. So who could melt this billionaire's cold heart? Surely sweets won't be enough. But maybe a sweet innocent girl will finally sneak into his heart.

Will these two find someone to fill their empty hearts? Well let's just say that fate is about to hit them both.

  • billionaire
  • ceo
  • complete
  • homeless
  • love
  • possessive
  • rich
  • romance
Asshole_Number1 Asshole_Number1 Jul 26, 2017
Are we not going to discuss the fact that she's hasn't brushed her teeth in 3 days. Maybe long since she's homeless.
z1a2z3a4z5a6z7a8z9a0 z1a2z3a4z5a6z7a8z9a0 Sep 14, 2017
They are humans, not some wearwolves who don't have an Idea that they're half human
akera93 akera93 Dec 08, 2017
The last part about her not being able to take care of herself was uncalled for and ruined the sweet decalaration
Khushyas Khushyas Dec 16, 2017
You just met with an accident and don't know whether you'll survive or not and you are checking this man!!!Wow!!!
akera93 akera93 Dec 08, 2017
Wait is this a werewolf story? I don't remember seeing the tag
LionwoodA LionwoodA Dec 12, 2017
😂...i too took a look if there are werewolfs involved in this story after reading to this point 😂🙈