Remnant (A Valiant Novel)

Remnant (A Valiant Novel)

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jesusfreak202 By jesusfreak202 Completed

Rayth Dharan-sar is the last of his kind.

Ten years ago, all Azethians were ruthlessly slaughtered for their wings. The humans in the city of Taork now use the wings in devices called Gliders, enabling them to fly, making their lives and jobs easier.

Something is wrong. Gliders are now giving the humans magical power, something that only Azethians could do. Rayth will have to risk his secret, risk his very life, in order to save the world of Taekkim from darkness that could consume everything he knows, everyone he loves, even his very soul.

  • angel
  • consume
  • darkness
  • fallen
  • fly
  • magic
  • power
  • ruthlessly
  • save
  • secret
  • slaughtered
  • valiant
  • wings
  • world
LuckyPlum LuckyPlum Mar 11, 2017
This is a beautiful start...but these pitchfork comments have me nervous...are you an assassin of good feels? To go or not to go...
Ranger_of_the_North Ranger_of_the_North Nov 19, 2016
Oo I've been wanting to read this one for ages, and it looks great already!! :D
NicholasCasale NicholasCasale Feb 07, 2017
Love the description of flying. Makes it feel so real, and who doesn't want to fly?
Yangwolf Yangwolf Jun 16, 2016
I feel like I'm stepping into a battle-zone in the comments. 0-0
Ranger_of_the_North Ranger_of_the_North Nov 19, 2016
Can I just say, I really love your third-person writing-style! It's great! You're really good :D :-)
ElijahCube ElijahCube Feb 25, 2016
And straight away, I already sense something bad heading Kyrad's way