Naruto of the Akatsuki

Naruto of the Akatsuki

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Too Tired By Writer-Reader-chan Updated Oct 19

What if Naruto is raised by the Akatsuki, as son of Konan and Pain?

What if his twin sister lives happily with Minato and Kushina?

What would change?
How would this act change the future of Konoha, Suragakure, Team 7 an mostly Naruto?

How did Konan or pein named Naruto, Naruto? Is there a name on his baby clothes?
"The eyes POV" 
                              Lmao, so now The Eyes can have a point of view? Like the The Eyes is a character 😂😂 
                              How do only I find this funny?
the image makes me think of walking by and "accidentally" kicking Kisame's leg out from underneath him.
Diocles Diocles Mar 11
A father that calls his daughter a bitch... I applause you😑😑
Hayoen Hayoen Nov 13
It's Nagato. (Rinnegan gives it away). Plus I thought it should be Yahiko since he and Konan are like, *in love* in the anime so yeah
icytodd icytodd Mar 02
Imagine Minato just casually dropping his new born twins on some random rock. Omfg I'm dying. Plops them on a stone trolololol 😂😂😂😂😂😂