Bad Blood

Bad Blood

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queen of doom By longtimegone Updated Mar 11, 2018

Marnie Lucas finally had the perfect life. She had a family who loved her and a boyfriend who she adored. Alec had always been there for her whenever she needed him. He'd wiped away her tears when her dog had died and he'd helped her battle through her maths homework daily.

Despite being such a lovely and caring guy, Alec's family didn't have a great reputation in her town. His dad was currently serving time for murdering his business partner after a deal turned sour.

On account of her own father being the detective who had worked on Alec's dad's case, Detective Lucas didn't trust Alec. In his opinion, Alec was a carbon copy of his father and felt that crime was in his blood.

But Marnie disregarded her father's warnings and it wasn't until Prom night that she realised that it was the people who you loved the most who would break your heart in a way that could never be repaired.

The truth can put you back together, but it can also tear you apart.

Fifteen years later, Marnie realises that her father was right, sometimes your blood is bad and in Marnie's case, hers was nothing but evil.

The Bitch You Killed Spin-Off : You do not have to have read TBYK to understand this book.

cover created by the very talented @soundthealarm