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Star Academy - The Zodiac School

Star Academy - The Zodiac School

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Cindy the mystic messenger hoe By heckyoubitch Updated Dec 28, 2016

Star Academy was a small private school with only 12 students with VERY different personalities. What will become of these students when they start disappearing one by one...?

!!!Okay so, people yell at me bc their sign isn't like them. Like okay??? 

They're their own characters and I'm not applying sign stereotypes to any of them. These are my own personalities that I have placed on them. And any of you getting butthurt over that; take that stick out of your ass and just don't read.

To those of you who understand what I'm doing with this story, thank you.

Not everyone is the same, not everyone of the same sign is either. Besides which, your sign doesn't define what kind of a person you are, you do. 



XxAnidiaxX XxAnidiaxX Dec 20, 2016
Ok I can't have a boyfriend yet I'd be dead and I'm to young to die
I_Smell_Like_Roses I_Smell_Like_Roses Nov 30, 2016
Ughh stereotypes with Cancer ლ(ಠ_ಠლ)
                              Just as long as he isn't flamboyant than am fine. I'm glad he is gay though :)
sisidee913 sisidee913 Nov 15, 2016
I'm  a Virgo and the way you described her is kind of like me lol
Swivellion Swivellion Nov 12, 2016
I love this story but....NOOO WHY IS LEO A BOY IN EVERY BOOK I READ !?
I_Am_Pisces I_Am_Pisces Jan 26
I have two friends and they are both Libras. Let's say they go from "I love you to psycho bitch in less then three seconds"
maramuffin maramuffin Jan 30
Lmao, I'm a Virgo and this happens to me way too much, but it's just my friends rather than popular kids