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Star Academy - The Zodiac School

Star Academy - The Zodiac School

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y'all'd've'i'd've By heckyoubitch Updated Dec 28, 2016

Star Academy was a small private school with only 12 students with VERY different personalities. What will become of these students when they start disappearing one by one...?

!!!Okay so, people yell at me bc their sign isn't like them. Like okay??? 

They're their own characters and I'm not applying sign stereotypes to any of them. These are my own personalities that I have placed on them. And any of you getting butthurt over that; take that stick out of your ass and just don't read.

To those of you who understand what I'm doing with this story, thank you.

Not everyone is the same, not everyone of the same sign is either. Besides which, your sign doesn't define what kind of a person you are, you do. 



I hate it when people do that. I'm a Virgo, but my personality is the complete opposite of one. Do I complain? No! I would hate to be a "normal" Virgo.
_Punk4Eva_ _Punk4Eva_ May 25
I'm Sagittarius.... I'm dumb? *remembers author note* oh okay
wait I'm popular 
                              i aPPLUAD YOU FOR PORTRAYING SCORPIOS THIS WAY
1045girl 1045girl May 08
I have a boyfriend what kinda perallel universe is this? 🤔 and since when am I the leader I'm usually the one who gets bossed around then told that I did nothing at the end when I ended up doing like EVERYTHING!!!!!?????
I'm a virgo. Their is two endings to this - me being flustered and scared (if i'm feeling tired) - or me being a sassy lil sarcastic potato (when i'm energetic or normal)