Starstruck || Vkook

Starstruck || Vkook

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|| a l o h a || By jiyeoung Updated Aug 31, 2016

BTS is a famous boy band consisting of 6 members; Jungkook being the youngest.

Jeon Jungkook is an arrogant maknae who has his head wrapped around fame. He has little-to-no respect for his hyungs' and believes there is no one in the world that can beat his infamous status of being the "Golden Maknae". Basking in his glory, his hyungs' fear that their youngest member has forgotten what it means to be humble. If only there was a way to get the old Jungkook, that they once knew, back. 

Taehyung is a regular student who works a part time job at an amusement park called Lotte World. His younger sister is obsessed with boy bands, especially BTS. His least favorite... Jungkook. The name alone makes his blood boil; typical youngster who's obsessed with girls and popularity, but can't show some decent respect for his elders. 

Taehyung hates it the most and it doesn't help that Jungkook is his sister's ULTIMATE BIAS. 

What happens when the two meet?

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1-800-hyxng 1-800-hyxng Jan 27
Jikook never leaves vkook alone but yoonmin never leaves sope alone in one single vkook fanfic
Yungchol Yungchol Jan 22
Jin gonna snatch that Mario Cart from him and kick him to bed
syhnjtj_16 syhnjtj_16 Jan 29
i was bout to be offended at him for speaking against bts but i realized that this is a ff and that's just how he's supposed to be
Yungchol Yungchol Jan 22
Y'all saying Yoongi collect your man but I say Tony collect your man
Yungchol Yungchol Jan 22
Nuva51 Nuva51 Feb 07
don't worry,  it's not normal people, there is one alien called tae tae.