My Ex-Best Friend: Ethan Dolan (Bwwm)

My Ex-Best Friend: Ethan Dolan (Bwwm)

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Ashley Mendes By AshleyMendes29 Updated May 15, 2016

Ethan Dolan. King of the school. Captain of every sports team, most popular guy in town. Him and his girlfriend Cara, have it all. They've been together since 9th grade. Cara is the head cheerleader and an absolute bitch, especially to me. 

Then there's me. Braelyn Smith. Junior at McKinley high school. I'm not a nobody but I'm not important. I'm in the middle of the social pyramid and I have no intention on leaving it. I think I'm pretty and I know I have a great personality so why didn't anyone like me? I have a few friends and many acquaintances, but I haven't had a boyfriend in years, 3 to be exact. 

It's all his fault too. If he was truly my best friend, he wouldn't have left me, he wouldn't let her hurt me the way he does, he said that he'd be there for me during the sad times. He's a liar and that's why I can't talk to him. I used to love him but now I can't stand Ethan. Ethan Dolan, my Ex-Best Friend.

sneakindolans sneakindolans Jun 23, 2016
That's what my mom calls us, that is when she isn't yelling at me in Spanish 😂
GraceDash6 GraceDash6 Jun 24, 2016
That's so weird... I am using my mint eos while I am reading this 😂😂😳
XxArianWxX XxArianWxX Dec 31, 2016
And you think you deserve her cause....i don't see your name on that list.
xXToxicAngelXxD xXToxicAngelXxD Sep 26, 2015
Don't know what dafuq he gettin a attitude fa... Can't possibly be jealous or mad at her. Don't ruin her chance to finally be real happy wit someone she might start 2 love. Had his chance & ruined it.