Indebted To Marco (Slow Updates)

Indebted To Marco (Slow Updates)

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TangledWebWeWeave By Leota27 Updated Sep 25, 2017

Quickly trying to hide my sudden fear of him I whispered. "Nice to meet you." fear clenched at my heart, as the rest of my body heated up from the lust filled, hungry look he was giving me. What kind of situation did I just walk myself into? How did I get to this point? Shaking my head, I realized I was about to make a deal with a Devil.
        All Antonella De Luca ever wanted to do was take care of her family, now she had to get her father out of his debt to the Greco Family. Only to find out that she had caught the interest of the oldest son and new Boss to the Greco Crime Family, Marco Greco. The boy, now a man who use to torment and bully her as a child.
      As Marco starts to overwhelm and consume her every thought and desire, she learns that her life isn't what she thought it to be. Struggling to hold on to her old life and keeping her own dark secrets a secret, will she be able to stop the unexplainable pull she feels for the irresistible Marco.
     It's true what they say, a fine line divides love and hate.

Mature Content There are sexual scenes and situations through out the book! 18+

Unedited until Complete!


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  • action
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  • irish
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  • obsession
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  • revenge
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