Wolf  (BoyxBoy)

Wolf (BoyxBoy)

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***This story contains explicit male/male love scenes***
    Daniel is notorious for his games; his best friend even refers to him as a wolf. With his nearly insatiable sex drive, eh, he isn't inclined to disagree. He holds parties all the time, where he likes to play around and have a little fun. When a cute boy enters the picture that manages to tip the scales, will Daniel move on, or will that smile be something he just can't pass up? One thing's for certain though-- his life is about to drastically change.
      Oliver is anything but new to his school, but has managed to slide by unnoticed by almost everyone. When he catches the eyes of a hot junior, his normal shy nerves drop away and he's ready to play. He's more than nervous about the idea of seducing the school's bad boy; is the blue-eyed monster too much for him to handle?

He'll have to figure it out, and fast-- because a single bite isn't going to be enough for Daniel.

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xShips xShips Jun 23
OMG I can't believe there are already 32 chapters, I wish I remembered what chapter you were at when I first started
I think you meant "Drunk" not "Drink" because otherwise it doesn't make sense. Just putting it out there.
I was hooked when I read the description and saw that you used 'anything but' correctly. I'm not gonna lie, it brought a tear to my eye.😂
HEY! we don't use that kinda language here on wattpad...........we use worse try a little harder Jeez what is this amateur hour? (jk I totally respect the Author)
Because you know better tan that?, how else are you going to get your werewolf husbando if you just spread your legs at the first chance, eh Oliver?
"I don't love you, I'm just passing the time."
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