She Is My Hayaat

She Is My Hayaat

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Chocolate and Peace By hayatiofparadise Completed

I walked down the white hallways filled with the smell of bleach and chlorine. The lights above were too bright, too luminescent. I can't think. I can't look straight. I can't breathe. Everything was blurry. I touched my cheeks and felt tears cascade down to my chin. My steps faltered. My heart wouldn't stop beating out of my chest.
"I'm sorry Nouran." She had looked at me sadly, eyes filled with emptiness.
No, no, no. What am I going to do? What am I going to tell him? Him. Izhar. I can't breathe.... Allah.
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Aka_sobby Aka_sobby Sep 10
Love the way you use all this figures of speeches😂😂😂i mean i cant even imagine cows flying in the North pole..where did that thought come from😂😂😂😄😅😏
dreamerkr96 dreamerkr96 Nov 26
I just have to. I have to read this again, for like the fourth time. I don’t know why I would do this to make myself cry again, but I have to. I love this book. ❤️
YOU KNOW WHAT I WAS MISSING THESE TWO. Lets read this book again🤓 #rr
Salma_sa_ Salma_sa_ Oct 10
Walaikumassalam dear. I'm just gonna start!❤ Best wishes👍😄
Loved the intro 
                              U seem to be a pro thou its ur first tym mashallah
pran28671 pran28671 Sep 20
It's seems interesting concept. Looking forward to read further.