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DMMD X Reader Oneshots {Requests CLOSED}

DMMD X Reader Oneshots {Requests CLOSED}

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Feliks By positively_poland Completed

Blinking the strong sunlight out of your eyes, you glance to the other side of your bed, where Noiz is lying, his dirty blonde hair falling into his face. You giggle slightly as he snores, and pull yourself out of his arms. You decide to let him wake up by himself, since waking him up is like trying to lift an elephant. Damn near impossible without a machine. Walking into the living room, you throw yourself onto the couch and turn the T.V on, turning it up really loud. You watch your show for a while, until your coil makes a pinging noise. Pausing your show, you read the message from Aoba. '(Y/n)! Noiz isn't answering and I need his help, find him and send him over please? Thanks!' Sighing, you roll off the couch and walk back into your room, where Noiz is still laying, his mouth hanging open. 

"Noiz! Wakeup!" You jump up and down on the bed, making him groan and mumble, but not wake up. "Ugggh! Noiz!" You sit down on him, your legs on either side of his hips, and you poke him. "Waaaa...

InterracialCupcake InterracialCupcake Aug 20, 2016
This is so weird to read especially after reading yaoi for many years it's just like 'what is this stuff'?.
Vivian_Ackerman Vivian_Ackerman Nov 13, 2016
*coughs* w-well um guys
                              I was watching dramatical murder and this book popped up im like WTF I JUST WATCHED IT AND I LOVE AOBA AND NOIZ THEN THIS POPS UP
                              How ur day been :D
bomb_diggity_bagel bomb_diggity_bagel Nov 23, 2016
I think this would make a great book called "Aoba, the Unexpected Seme"