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Sasuke's Little Sister (Naruto fan fic)

Sasuke's Little Sister (Naruto fan fic)

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Landon By Shishikibobs Completed

Shiaye (Shy-a) was born a year after Sasuke. At her birth she was still born and to this day she still doesn't know it. Thankfully the demon that was born with her woke up for a short few minutes to save her life. Saving her life took away her heart beat. Growing up Shiaye got mistreated by her father because she was a girl and he thought she would never have the sharingan because she was a girl. Sadly she never got to show her father her sharingan because she got it a couple days after Itachi killed her clan. Still this day she has a dream of breathing fresh air. During the Chunin exams she meets Gaara of the Desert and they fall quickly for each other.  Her story starts on the very day Sasuke and her graduate the academy. ( Cover picture is Shiaye.)

lovelotusflowerbomb lovelotusflowerbomb Aug 25, 2016
Wait what the hell by gaarra what happened to naruto is it cause he's stupid and I know hinata likes him and what team am I on
IncredibleAce IncredibleAce Aug 20, 2016
Reading the beginning of this confused the hell out of me. "She was a still born at birth, and she still doesn't know it."
YukieMessamay YukieMessamay Jan 07, 2016
Yay A new Story a new start and it says YAY is spelled Wrong !
LadyRitsuka LadyRitsuka Aug 21, 2014
it has gaara, already know this story is going to be amazing
RabbiQuest RabbiQuest Apr 18, 2014
my interesting book senses are tingling! *looks around finds this story* there it is
- - Sep 13, 2013
finally a Sauske sibling story where they both want to kill Itachi :) (I still love Itachi though)