To Feel Again [Welcome To Wolf's Peak]

To Feel Again [Welcome To Wolf's Peak]

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M.T. Jones By M-T-Jones Completed

Wolf's Peak Book 4

Fate only gives a shifter one mate in their lifetime but rarely will she give a second chance mate. Fate has watched Adrian find and lose a mate that he loved beyond comparison and she has wept for his loss and anguish. How will he cope with her gift to him?

Niko has been a member of The Alpha Guard since he was old enough to shift and fight for his rightful place. He has watched his Alpha and Beta find their mates and sat on the sidelines while the shifter he longed to protect and love found the one destined for him. Niko feels like fate has forgotten him and is ready to give up hope when he finally finds more than he ever thought he could.

Adrian watched his mate die horrifically at the hands of hunters on the same night they massacred his entire family and most of his pack leaving only him and his brother alive. He almost allowed himself to turn rogue with grief but pulled himself back from that to care for his younger brother. He never thought he would be given another chance to find happiness and he finds it hard to believe that it's true, but when he's given a second surprise on top of the first how is he supposed to cope? Is Fate playing a trick on him or has he truly been blessed with two second chance mates?

Owen loves his sister. He really does. She's just a lot of hard work to take care of. He knows nothing about being a guardian to a seventeen year old girl except that it entails a lot of headaches and arguments about dating the wrong kind of boy. His personal life has taken a nose dive since his one failed attempt at finding a boyfriend which left him feeling embarrassed and ashamed after one night of good sex. All he longs for is a man of his own who will love him and share everything with him. Is that too much to ask?

Things don't go as planned for this mating with one shifter refusing what Fate has given him, a teenager with a score to settle and a one night stand that could all spell disaster for this trio.

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allicat93 allicat93 Jun 30, 2017
I am so glad you showed fates point of view though reading this chapter pulled at my heart strings
GeminiKitty GeminiKitty Jul 16, 2017
I'm not gonna lie,I skipped this part because its to early in the morning for super sad stuff
jooniaz jooniaz Oct 24, 2017
Hook me up too bitch I swear you been so shitty to me lately
sharonfirth1982 sharonfirth1982 Aug 26, 2016
ive been looking forward to this one im so glad its finally here
she_reads_alot81 she_reads_alot81 Jun 25, 2016
I'm currently reading your story Radio Waves. 
                              And I love it. So I can't wait to see how this story turns out<3.
StarmyuDragon StarmyuDragon Jan 11, 2017
This is one sad chapter and I'm commenting bcuz wattpad confiscated my voting rights 😏😏😏