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Fragile scales (Aquariumstuck Erisol!)

Fragile scales (Aquariumstuck Erisol!)

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☆Saturn☆ By InkyStargazer Updated Aug 24, 2016

Sollux walked through the doors of the aquarium,he walked by a few tanks waving to the various creatures that swam around,he reached the end of the hall unlocking the double doors that lead to the seatrolls section. He looked over to Feferi's tank seeing her fast asleep. Sollux sighed and blushed feeling the heat rise to his cheeks,she was so lovable and her beautiful personality made her easy to talk to,next to her was Eridan's tank,he was rude,hated everyone-of course Karkat didn't blame him-,he tends to scare the younglings that come here,and he was just a flat out douchbag! It boggled Sollux's mind to think that Feferi was still his morail. 

Sollux locked eyes with Eridan's sleeping form,glaring at him,he wasn't always mean though. 

He could be nice,when he wanted to -A.K.A never!-. He just flat out hated everyone and everything,especially Sollux,Sollux tried making friends with him once or twice but to no avail.                 No one could stand him,they stayed as far from his ...

XionShadow XionShadow Jan 05
Shít, I'm laughing so hard that I can't breath! I wasn't able to stop laughing At Eridan's fail at flirting!
JulietaNoriega5 JulietaNoriega5 Feb 22, 2016
no entendi ni una mierda de lo que decia :v , google tradujo esto , pero no entendi lo que decia sollux , ia que a eso no lo tradujo
NightmareAnimations NightmareAnimations Nov 03, 2016
I almost screamed but my moms right beside me so i can afford doin any screamin.
Pioliix Pioliix Jan 15, 2016
That's basically all girls reaction when I flirt fallowed by a "Oh you're serious"
_xXinsanityXx_ _xXinsanityXx_ Sep 24, 2015
Update now your God demand you to .... Did I do that right sister : umm yeah you did good job me : ok. Shut up it a good story
TwinTides TwinTides Sep 22, 2015
Wow I know everyone in the comments ^^ also poor eri at least he tried