Fighting For Him [Ziam]

Fighting For Him [Ziam]

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Where Liam and Zayn are married, twice. Even after Liam cheated the first time with a girl. Zayn thought it was over, that he can have his Liam back, the man he so dearly loves. After all, Liam did come back to him, married him, still comes home to him. They put that incident behind them, remarrying after Liam proved his love for him. Liam vowed to himself and Zayn that he would never hurt his husband again and make another stupid drunken mistake. But when a drunken mistake becomes too many, how will Zayn cope? What happens when Liam cheats a second time, this time, with a girl again. Can Zayn compete with something he doesn't have? Is it the end of their 3-year marriage?

lilacthorns™ · Annia

Cover: @HunterMay18

lovingloki lovingloki Feb 01
3month business trip? Ha,don't make me laugh. I'm legit never letting my husband do that shiz.then he finna this he nope
itsreinabtw itsreinabtw Jun 28
not if he cheated with louis, there ain't no competing with that booty
*opens closet doors* oh don't start I'm going for a popcorn *goes to kitchen* *takes popcorn* *comes back to closet* ok. Now you both can start
louisekatherine14 louisekatherine14 Dec 15, 2015
lmfao hey bitch, do you know the reasons why, _______________________ (fill it in with your own)