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Wait...I'm a Zabini?! | EDITED ✔️

Wait...I'm a Zabini?! | EDITED ✔️

102K Reads 3.7K Votes 37 Part Story
-HIATUS- By whatisthis_x Completed

Hermione's parents memories can't be restored, and the lonely nineteen year old is living by herself. That is, until she gets some visitors. And by visitors I mean Blaise Zabini and his mother. Or make that....their mother. That's right. She's not a Granger. She's a Zabini.

Number One in the tag Zabini!

balletboi balletboi Sep 08, 2016
Hahah... I go to bed saying that everyday, then I wake up and well... In the words of Shane Dawson, it gets worse.
MilanGarcha MilanGarcha 5 days ago
EXCUSE ME!!! You were my role model Hermione😭😭😭 how could you....
MilanGarcha MilanGarcha 5 days ago
Did anyone else think of Vernon when he says "too right you are!"
That's your sister perv!! You're supposed to always see her as a tiny kid! Not immediately tell her she's a babe and hook her up with your best friend! Quite the opposite actually
DemigodMarauder DemigodMarauder Sep 01, 2016
No one is going to comment on how sexy that name is no ...ok
She picked up an eight year old? She must have got some muscle too.