Out Of Darkness ▹ Steve Rogers [1] {O.H.}

Out Of Darkness ▹ Steve Rogers [1] {O.H.}

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"I need to find a way to step out of my Darkness."

"Then let me help you, Bryce."


In which Tony Stark has a younger sister who has a dark past but happens to fall in love with the Star Spangled man with a plan.

[The Avengers]
[Iron Man 3]

Published - June 12, 2015
Republished - December 24, 2016
Completed - February 7, 2016
Edited - December 24, 2016


{On hold until further notice}

the_heroine_16 the_heroine_16 12 hours ago
Yay that's my name. Finally I see it used for a girl's name 😊