Catfish (BoyxBoy)

Catfish (BoyxBoy)

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◉‿◉ By admissable Updated Sep 09

It's been four years since Matthew met Karley on an online chat room. Now, he's completely in love with her.

But when Matt tells Karley he wants to meet her in person, she tells him that she isn't who she said she was. And she knows him--IN REAL LIFE.

Now, Matt has one question on his mind:


I am a catfish... JUST KIDDING. But yes and no.. not completely if that makes sense.  It was one of my friends boyfriends and we met but I guess his intentions weren't to really met me plus we didn't really talk outside the chat room.
                              I want an Internet friend, we can chat 
                              Now I sound desperate...
totallyniah totallyniah Aug 05
no but i have catfished someone but they ended up finding out it was me but we're cool now
ive never been catfished but ,, i catfished for like 3 years im a terrible person
Yeah, it was bad. One of my best friends! She was so ashamed that she said she was going to kill herself because she thought I didn't like her anymore. I talked her out of it because how stupid is that? We're cool now though.
Glad to have found you too. I was so lost before. Now I've got you!