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the “normila” queen. By shprism Completed

Book One of the C19 series. SKYENAMI AU.

With that being said, I got up. She grabbed my hand quickly and looked at me with desperate eyes. "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to give you the wrong impression or disappoint you, you've already had so much disappointments" she sighed. "Yeah and you're the biggest one" I said, snatching my hand.

Kehlani Parrish, 18 and Nirahmara Skye, also 18 have been bestfriends since freshman year. They're now entering their senior year and with a bang too. After being friends for almost 4 years, the duo decides to take their relationship to the next level but things don't always work out as easily as it seems. With a strict controlling mother and a disapproving aunt, their relationship faces many obstacles. Their 3 best friends, Dinah Hansen, Camila Chambers, & Shamoni Rodriguez are there to join them for the trials and tribulations they endure all the way to Cloud Ninteen.

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Switcho_16 Switcho_16 6 days ago
'delusional' it's funny seeing this in a non-Camren fic cause usually this phrase would be full of comments slfkskdl
Switcho_16 Switcho_16 6 days ago
But my family, including me have this weird trait of saying "¿Bueno?" whenever we answer the phone and that can be awkward when the call is from a crush or results about a job interview
Same 😭 I mess with my brother so bad he cries but I still do it
Switcho_16 Switcho_16 6 days ago
I can imagine the face smile and the glazed expression while the mind is screaming "get a room" 😂
Switcho_16 Switcho_16 6 days ago
I understand her hostility but at the same time this seems to be hurting Nani a lot, maybe she should let her down a bit more gently...
kalinholyz kalinholyz Oct 23, 2016