Challenged - Skinwalker Book 2

Challenged - Skinwalker Book 2

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Little electric tingles raced through her fingers deep into her body where an increasingly familiar ping began to ricochet through her muscle fibres. She glanced at Adam with surprise as he collapsed unwillingly to his knees on the floor next to her.  

His eyes shone with irritation and apprehension as the first wave of his transformation overtook him and his body began to twist and lurch unpleasantly. Sierra bit back the pain as her own body began to do the same. 

The clothes ripped from her skin as her body grew and changed inside of them. Faintness started to threaten and she fought it back as long as she could to get her first glimpse of what she was becoming: she looked over to Adam to see a beautiful white tiger struggling on the floor in his place, the poor creature appearing dazed and unsteady, struggling to find its feet after the physical onslaught that had been thrust upon it. Sierra smiled to herself and let the darkness consume her, content with the knowledge that she'd just transformed into the same thing.

"Well shit, that's different..." Adele remarked at length, effectively breaking the silence.
A new job is usually a lot to deal with. When you add a new country and a newly discovered secret identity in the mix, it's more than just a lot! When Sierra arrives in Luxembourg, she has no clue what to expect or how to deal with everything, but she does know that she wants answers. The problem is, sometimes the search for answers only leads to more questions.

'Challenged' is the second book in the Skinwalker Series and it is still being fine-tuned. I'd love to hear your views and opinions on my sequel. I'd also be pretty interested to hear some ideas I can maybe add to my rough plot as I go. It's going to be a bumpy ride, but there should be some fun, embarrassing and action-packed times along the way!