Revoid (teen wolf fanfic)

Revoid (teen wolf fanfic)

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Mentally in Beacon Hills By Aurum18 Completed

Stiles has been kidnapped. Again.
But this time it's worse. Theo has found the nemeton wood box imprisoning the nogitsune and plans to revitalise void stiles. 
What he doesn't realise that the nogitsune has no intention of playing along....


btw is set after season 5a so spoiler alert.

Also I didn't draw the fanart on the cover: it's off tumblr and I just whacked a story title on.

Oh and disclaimers: teen wolf belongs to an awesome slightly evil dude called Jeff Davies not me. Though plot line in here belongs to me.

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                              Makes sense, every single psycho is hot and now we know y
Dear THEOdosia what to say to you? i hate your attractive face and you name brings me pain. When you smile, i wish you limbs would fall off. And you think your SO smart.
Mandy_2940 Mandy_2940 Aug 22
Void Stiles is everything!! He's hot in general but in a evil way..... Yasssss! 😍😂🔥
Lol yes!!! I do these things to my friends too, fortunately they're tw fans
- - Nov 20, 2016
It is tru, but u got to admit, the evil guys r always the hottest, especially Void Stiles! 😍
LonelyShippingThrash LonelyShippingThrash Jun 27, 2016
I always wished stiles found a way to keep some of the Nogitsune's power woulda been fun