My Jealous Boss

My Jealous Boss

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Charlotte Hamilton's new boss, Mr. Walters, is tall, dark, handsome and suddenly mean to her? After Char decides to start dating Lucas, her best friend's brother, Axel Walters becomes Char's jealous boss.

Poor Charlotte is crazy, clumsy, clueless and random. She doesn't  
know that she's giving him mixed signals. Let's hope she doesn't realize that when it's too late.

"Ms. Hamilton," Axel shouted,"I need you in my office, now!"
I rushed into the office with my head down. "Sir, I've got writers block at the time, and I'm on lunch break, and I-" 
He stood up, making me jump and step backwards. He walked around the desk and stood in front of me, looking down at me. 
"Why do you do this Charlotte?,"he said softly, sending shivers down my spine. I felt his hand drift down my back as he pulled me closer.
"Axel,"I looked up at him,"I have a boyfr-"
He kissed me.

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Am jealous of his innocence
                              Ha! I wait till he gets wattpad
RebelPrincessxoxo RebelPrincessxoxo Jun 21, 2017
Thats life man....
                              Only if you have friend who make you do stuff😂😂
don't tell him the story of your fùcking shitty life wtf you just met him
vicky_abby vicky_abby Feb 25
This was the first book I ever read on wattpad and ever since I forgot  my password it's like I went mad I couldn't find this book anymore now I did like I'm wazzzah!😁😁😊😀😅😄😅😄😄
He jus wanted to talk to u cuz that was a bullshît àss excuse
foodie_2 foodie_2 Jan 10
OMG i'm trying so hard to really read the story and the little video-like thing at the top is so distracting it's like one of those things people put on their desk that u cant stop staring at u know?